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Balls. Six of 'em. Just tossing the idea out there but perhaps in this life or a past one you were a juggler or hacky sack-er. It's still up in the air.


These cardboard charms were once dominoes but they were split right down the middle in the name of art. And that's the origin of love. Maybe you'll help this earring find its other half.

Only 2 left in stock

    CHARM LENGTH: 2.3 inches, 5.8 centimeters

    FULL LENGTH: 3.25 inches, 8.1 centimeters


    To allow for creative mixing, matching, mismatching, and all sorts of asymmetry, this product listing corresponds to one singular earring, not a pair. If you are interested in purchasing a matching pair, please either purchase 2 of this listing or find the matching pair listing of this item by searching the “MATCHY MATCHY” category or by searching by color.


    So, to review: How many earrings will you receive if you purchase this item?

    Answer: UNO! ONE!


    great work, champ:) enjoy!



     ONE: 0.15 oz