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How four-tunate;) Please forgive my foray into the world of un-four-tunate puns. I formally apologize. No more from henceforth. Fork that! Bad puns forever! But for real, this one is my angel number and I foresee you looking fabulous in these 4s! You are a force and don't you forget it!


These cardboard charms were once dominoes but they were split right down the middle in the name of art. And that's the origin of love. Luckily these earrings found their way back to their other halves. A perfect pair. And a happy ending. The math is math-ing. It’s all adding up!

Only 1 left in stock

    CHARM LENGTH: 2.3 inches, 5.8 centimeters

    FULL LENGTH: 3.25 inches, 8.1 centimeters


     ONE: 0.15 oz


    PAIR: 0.3 oz